Ezekiel Elliott- A Timeline of Controversies 

July 2016- Domestic Abuse Allegations Police called in the early hours of July 22nd by Elliott’s girlfriend after she reported he had attacked her in the front seat of her parked car. Elliott was not arrested as four witnesses at the scene denied seeing the attack. She also filed a police report accusing Elliott of abuse the week prior, she also posted photos online of bruises on her body. Elliot claimed they were from a bar fight she was involved in.
August 2016- Elliott Photographed Entering Weed Dispensary in Seattle. Elliott claimed he went to the store because he was “curious.” 
February 2017- Elliott’s Friend Arrested for Carrying Gun in Ohio Club             Elliot was not arrested but he did speak with the police inside the club.
March 2017- Elliott seen on Video Pulling Down Woman’s Shirt, Exposing Her Breasts                                                            The incident occurred on the top level of a Columbus bar as a St. Patrick’s day parade went on below.
July 2017- Incident at Dallas Bar     Reports are that Elliott punched someone in the face, breaking his nose. Thus far Elliott has not been arrested and no charges have been filed.


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